Consumable Supplies

Premier Cleaners offer an extensive range of quality consumables, many available for same day or next day delivery.  Let us manage your consumables and never run out.

An extensive selection of consumable supplies

Every business premises has a requirement for consumable supplies from toilet rolls and paper towels to refuse sacks and tea bags.  

When providing a cleaning service, Premier Cleaners shall supply its cleaning staff with the necessary tools and chemicals to carry out their duties.  But there are consumable items which you will require in addition.  Companies will either source these themselves or already have a supply company.  Have you considered keeping things simple by allocating the consumable supplies to us.


Because we may already carry out your cleaning duties, our operatives are best placed to know your consumable stock level requirements.


Premier Cleaners stock a range of consumable products which you may use on a day to day basis, and all are available to you at great prices.  We will ensure your are always well stocked up or simple order from us when your ready to.  


Our basic range of products includes the following, if you require something not listed feel free to discuss this with us as we are always happy to source new or additional products for you.


- Toilet Rolls

- Hand Towels

- Jumbo paper rolls

- Refuse sacks and bin liners

- Hand soaps and sanitizers

- Washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and detergents

- Tea, coffee, sugar sticks, paper cups etc

- Air freshners

- Urinal blocks

In addition to supplying consumable products we can also source and install a range of dispensers.  We carry a selection of cost effective dispensers but can also source bespoke dispensers if required.

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