Frequently Asked Questions

Does Premier Cleaners provide all required equipment and chemicals?

Yes, we shall provide our cleaning operatives with all the tools and equipment required to carry out their duties.  We shall also provide an adequate supply of cleaning chemicals.

How does TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking Protections of Employment) apply when switching to Premier?

Where existing staff are in place either under your employment or that of a previous cleaning company, we have a legal duty to offer them continues employment with us.  Each employee will be evaluated and trained under our systems.  Premier Cleaners shall handle the TUPE process and advise of at each stage if any extra information is required.

Do you supply holiday cover when cleaners are on annual leave?

Yes, we make all the required arrangements to ensure you are serviced whilst your regular cleaner is on holiday.

What happens if my cleaner does not turn up?

It is our ethos to ensure we never miss a clean.  As soon as we are aware of an absence, your Contracts Manager shall make arrangements for a cover cleaner to be provided.

Are your cleaning chemicals COSHH regulated?

Yes, we only use COSHH regulated products which have been tested and have the correct safety data sheets.

Are cleaners trained before being sent to our site?

Yes, all cleaning operatives under go our training programme and are monitored at regular intervals.  Your Contracts Manager will carry out an on site induction with your cleaner so that they are aware of your individual requirements.

Do you provide cleaners on Bank Holidays?

Yes, we offer our service 365 days per year.  Our cleaners can work at any time day or night.

Do you hold keys to our premises?

Yes, many clients provide us keys for access.  These are assigned to a member of staff and we also hold a copy within a secure safe.