Our Employees

We are proud of our employees and believe they are not only the face of our business but also our most valuable asset.  Without high quality candidates and an industry leading training programme, we would not be able to deliver the high level of service our customers have come to expect.

Employee Training

Every employee's journey at Premier Cleaners begins with in in depth interview, one which gives us a full understanding of their experiences and abilities.  Only the highest calibre of applicant is chosen to become a member of the Premier Team.

Following a successful interview and upon receipt of satisfactory references we begin to induct the employee into our team.

Each operative undergoes a company induction which details our company visions, aims, policies and procedures.  As well as outlining the rules of working for a market leading service provider.

Regardless of past experiences each employee now joins our employee training programme.  We use an industry leading system to deliver hands on and theoretical training.


Our management carry out periodic employee assessments to ensure our operatives are maintaining their training and to identify any areas of re-training required. 

Employee Recognition

We're proud of the diversity within our workforce and enjoy the varied suggestions brought forward by our teams.

It is important for us to recognise and reward employees which not only carry out their duties to the required level but progress beyond what is initially expected of them.

Our company provides regular incentives to our employees which help us maintain excellent standards in areas such as attendance, time keeping, site management and cleaning standards.

Satisfaction Surveys

Our office doors are always open to every employee.  Our managers are qualified to offer a sympathetic ear or guidance when needed.


It is important for us to know the moral  amongst our operatives, we do this by issuing regular satisfaction surveys and keeping an open suggestions process.