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For many years now Premier Cleaners have been ranked by Google and other sources as the number one office and commercial cleaning service in Nottingham. This is something we are very proud of and is under pinned by the large number of 5 star reviews we receive on a regular basis from our customers.

Cleaning is who we are and what we do, all day every day - that is probably the reason why we are so good at it. Over a decade of providing commercial cleaning services in Nottingham means we have pretty much seen it all. From cleaning fancy modern offices to scrubbing dirty nightclub toilets, we're not fussy and have the ability to turn our hand to any type of cleaning.

If you have never used our services before here are just a few reasons why our customers turn to us for their office and commercial cleaning services needs.

1) Established and Experienced cleaning services provider

With over a decade of experience we have been operating our cleaning services in Nottingham for many many years. We have seen other cleaning companies come and go but we are still here as the number one cleaning service in the area. That fact alone speaks volume about our credibility.

2) Fully inclusive cleaning service at trustworthy prices

Unlike some cleaning services available we do not bulk our service with expensive additional extras or hidden fees. When you choose us to provide your cleaning services you get the whole package for a simple monthly fee. No hidden extras and everything required is included in the price - cleaning equipment, cleaning products, labour, absence cover and management all for 1 single monthly price - that we know is competitive against other local cleaning companies in Nottingham and national cleaning companies.

3) More than just daily office cleaning

There are many choices available when it comes to finding a basic office cleaning service in Nottingham, but if you want the support of a company that can do much more, you need to come to us. We have a whole team dedicated to delivering specialist cleaning services in Nottingham, we have our own up to date equipment and hold the relevant qualifications to deliver a safe and quality service. This includes window cleaning with our reach and wash pure water systems, carpet cleaning services, floor scrubbing and polishing, exterior cleaning including power washing and graffiti removal.

4) We are hands on 24-7

Come 5pm on a Friday we might go home, but our phones are not switched off. Every client has direct contact to a contracts manager 7 days per week, and can even speak directly to senior management any time of the day with their direct mobile contact. Even emails are not hidden from us as we monitor our email accounts every day including weekends and bank holidays. Our customers are relaxed knowing they can reach us at any time should a problem occur.

The conclusion is that we offer cleaning, more than just daily office cleaning,we've been doing it for many years and have got very good at it. If you need a cleaning service in Nottingham or are unhappy with your current provider then contact us for a free quote.

We work across all industries, across the whole of Nottingham. And should we need to reach further we work closely with other cleaning companies to deliver services across the UK.

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